We love to give rewards to our loyal players. There are two types of rewards you will receive at Betable:


Cash is exactly what it sounds like, real money with no strings attached. These are given out in one-off offers like Cash Drops, and can be played with or withdrawn immediately.


Bonuses are extra money you can play with. Before you can withdraw a bonus it must be converted into cash. To do this you will need to meet the wagering requirement for that bonus. You will receive bonuses as a new user, through bonus spins and other promotions.

Playing with Bonuses

Available cash is always wagered before any bonus funds. Winnings from cash are added to your withdrawable cash balance. Winnings from bonuses are added to your bonus balance and are subject to wager requirement.

Bonuses are aimed at enhancing your enjoyment of our games and we operate a zero tolerance policy towards bonus abuse. Minimal risk wagering with bonus funds is not allowed and the maximum allowable wager with bonus funds is £5.

You can view your bonus balance at any time in your Betable Wallet by clicking on the ‘?’ next to your withdrawable cash balance.

Wager Requirements

You can turn a bonus into cash by wagering it on Betable-powered game. Once you wager your bonus enough times, those funds will be turned into cash. You can check your progress towards converting a bonus into cash on your Betable Wallet page by clicking on the ‘?’ next to your withdrawable cash balance. If you have more than one bonus, wager requirement will be met individually.

The default wager requirement for most promotions is 40X, meaning that if you have a £10 you would need to place £400 in wagers (£10 X 40 = £400). See our policy on wagering requirements for more information.

Withdrawing Bonuses

Once a bonus has been turned into cash by meeting the wager requirements you can withdraw it. If you have more than one bonus, each bonus will be turned into cash independently of the others. As each bonus is turned into cash your wager requirement will reset for the next queued bonus.

You can view your cash and bonus balances in your Betable Wallet. Cash can be withdrawn at any time, but you will not be able to withdraw bonuses until you have met the wager requirements. If you want to withdraw cash before meeting the wager requirements of your bonus, you will be required to forfeit the bonus.

For example: You deposit £20 and get a £20 matching bonus, so your balance is £40. You make a £5 wager on Slots and win £10. Your new balance is £45, but your withdrawable balance is £25. If you withdraw the £25 right then you will lose your £20 bonus: £45 - £20 = £25.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.